Creating Dynamic Balloons With New Aerodynamics & Morph Camera in Cinema 4D R14

The Cinema 4D R14 demo has been out for a few days now, so hopefully you’ve had a chance to check it out!   Coinciding with the demo being released, I’m releasing my first R14 related tutorial on one of my favorite new R14 features, Aerodynamics.  With the new Aerodynamics function, Rigid and Softbody objects can now interact according to their aerodynamic shape with all of the particle modifiers such as Wind, Turbulence, and Gravity.  So a balloons shape will be taken into account when floating about when a wind object is applied to it and not just float linearly.  In this tutorial, I’ll be going over all the settings to recreate a balloon being blown around realistically in a gust of wind and along the way show off some of the other R14 features such as the Morph Camera.

Aerodynamic Balloon Example:

Download balloon C4D R14 project file here

What’s your favorite new R14 feature?  Here’s a list of mine.

Watch my Spline Dynamics tutorial to recreate the balloon and string used in this tutorial.

Springs & Spline Dynamics in Cinema 4D Part 02: Floating Balloons

Here’s part 2 in my series of tutorials utilizing the combination of Spring & Spline Dynamics together  to get some really cool dynamic animation!  This time around, I’m going to go over how to use Springs & Spline Dynamics to make a floating balloon on a string, a bit of an upside-down setup featured in Part 1.  There’s two techniques I use to get this floating balloon effect:  First is showing how to float a balloon that is fixed or attached to a point or object, and the second is more of a free floating balloon setup.  If you know of any other techniques you know of, please share!  Enjoy!

Part 1: Dangling Objects Off a String