Introducing Storage Bin


What is it?

Storage Bin is a unique and essential workflow plugin for Cinema 4D that will change the way you work inside of C4D – every single day!  Storage Bin assists the motion graphic artist by aiding the object creation, modeling, and everyday workflow processes by storing backups of object states as you work.   One of the challenges of working in 3D is that you work with a ton of objects and each of them can be changed or edited.  Now think of how many times you make an object editable or change the look of a piece of geometry.  Hours, even days, of work can go into a single object.  Now what happens if you make a mistake or want to go back to a previous object state?  You have to undo many times and you’ll lose all your progress on any other work in your scene.  With Storage Bin, this is a problem of the past!  With Storage Bin, you can backup and save individual object states with a click of a button!  Backups can then be compared and restored for later use if needed.  It’s in the bin!  Save your Cloner Objects, Motext, NURB/Generator objects, Sculpts, and model states, declutter your Object Manager, and let go of the fear of messing up in the middle of your work!  No longer do you have to worry about manually making a copy before making an object editable!  With Storage Bin, you can store your object states as you go with the ability to go back to an older state and continue on from there.  You’ll never have to start from square one again!


How it Works



The Storage Bin Tag interface has 3 sections.  The number of states, a state slider, state restoration options, and buttons used to restore or delete states.

Saving States

Click the “Save State” button to save your current object state.

Total State Counter

Once a state has been saved, the Total States counter and the Object State edit field will increment to show the proper number of object states for that object.

04-restore_state_buttonToggling States

Once you have saved a new state, or 50 (if you’re that paranoid) you can just click the arrows up an down and it will toggle each state in your viewport like magic!  It’s super easy and quick to compare states!


Restoring a State

Hopefully you don’t mess up, but if you do, you can always cycle back through your saved states by toggling your Object States edit field.


Restore Options

Once you’re looking at the object state that you wish to restore, simply push the “Restore State” button. This will create a copy of that state as a new state, thus preserving the original just in case!  You also have restore options such as “Keep Current Tag Data” so it preserves your objects applied tags and “Maintain Original PSR” which is useful if you moved the object in any way, when you restore your alternate state, it inherits the PSR of your restored object.


Version Compatibility

Storage Bin requires Cinema 4D R12 (Broadcast or Studio version) and above.  Storage Bin is fully compatible with R13 and above.

Click here to get Storage Bin

Storage Bin will change the way you work inside of Cinema 4D!  Work more efficiently by never having to retrace your steps again.  Storage Bin will back you up by always having your work progress saved.  It’s in the bin!

Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Vol. 2

As a big “thank you” to you, the motion graphics community, I’ve updated my holiday ornament pack, now with even more goodness!  Volume 2 expands upon the very successful volume 1 pack released two years ago.

New in Volume 2:
• improved textures
• more than double the textures (over 50 now!)
• 3 new ornament types

Volume 2 Includes:
• a nicely lit scene file with four base ornament bulb models ready for texturing
• all the textures from volume 1, plus the new volume 2 textures all within the .lib4d

Download Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Volume 2

To install, just place the .lib4d file into your “browser” folder, restart C4D and it should show up in your Content Browser.  You can mix and match colors and textures to produce hundreds of combinations of ornaments types!  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 6.26.41 PM

Make sure to check out my free holiday model pack for Cinema 4D from a couple years ago below.  It has presents, ribbon bows, and Christmas lights!

Download Cinema 4D Holiday Model Pack

Holiday Pack Ornaments

Disclaimer:  There were a couple of these textures where Biomekk’s EnhanceC4D was used.   You’ll need to buy EnhanceC4D from for a few of these textures to work.

Thanks to @ridvanmaloku from for allowing me to use his tree model.  He did an awesome tutorial on how he made his Christmas tree using Cinema 4D’s Hair module.  Check it out here:  Tree Tutorial

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Free Cinema 4D Model: T-Shirt

Figured I’d give all those who didn’t win the Text Edge FX contest, and all you other folks out there a consolation prize.  A free t-shirt model!  Has a nice fabric texture included and the eyedesyn logo so your next character model is going to be rockin in style!  This file is compatible with R13 and I also included an .OBJ file for those with R12 and below or any other 3D software.  Have fun!

Download T-shirt Model Here

Free Cinema 4D Model Pack: Night at the Oscars


Almost time for Oscar’s and here’s a free model pack for your award winning mograph!

Included in this pack is:

Oscar, himself
Movie Theater w/ Customizable Marquee
Xpresso rigged rolling red carpet
Velvet Ropes
…and the Envelope holding the Oscar winner!

Compatible with R12 & above.

Download Night at the Oscars Pack

Free #C4D Model: Jumbotron

Here’s a model I whipped up awhile ago for a basketball spot, now available for you to use with whatever you want!  Use some Camera Tracker and 3D track this jumbotron in your living room.  Or whatever.  Just switch out my eyedesyn logo textures and put in whatever video or animation in.  This file is compatible with R13 and I also included an .OBJ file for those with R12 and below or any other 3D software.  Have fun!

Download Jumbotron C4D Model Here

Create Chiseled Text in Cinema 4D

Add a nice chiseled look to your text in Cinema 4D with this tutorial.  As I note in the video, the basic technique is the same across every font, letter, and even logos, but each one has it’s a unique way to get to the end result.  Here I show you the basics of how you can achieve this look for whatever text or logo you are working with.

If you have any questions or requests of how to do this effect on a logo or some other font, please leave them in the comment section.

Text Edge Effects in Cinema 4D

Don’t be limited by the Convex, Linear, and Engraved Filet Cap edges in MoType anymore. In my first ever tutorial, I show you how to use a different fast and easy method to unlock more potential in your text designs in Cinema 4D.

Check out my preset based off this tutorial, Text Edge Pro, here!

Text Edge Effects