My name is EJ, I am eyedesyn.

I’m a multi-Emmy winning freelance 3D/motion graphic artist based out of Washington, DC available for contract work.

I’ve worked directly with clients big and small to create the best, creative, and innovative designs, motion graphics, print ads, and logo designs.  Additionally, I’m experienced with storyboarding, video production, editing, and compression, sound editing, special effects, rotoscoping, and compositing.  I have the skills to lead projects of all scopes and execute all phases of the creative process from developing budgets and estimates for projects to storyboarding, executing and delivering final designs/animations.

Want to learn more about Cinema 4D and 3D workflows in broadcast?  I author Cinema 4D courses on with hours and hours of Cinema 4D video training.  Check out my available course offerings with a FREE 7 day trial membership.

I’m also a representative for MAXON and available for studio visits.

Interested in working with me?  You can learn more about my adventures in motion graphics by looking at my resume which can be found here.

E-mail: eyedesyn (at) mac (dot) com

Twitter: @eyedesyn

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Sir,

    Your tutorials are really helpful for community. I really appreciate your efforts.
    I just want to ask, Could you please add a link to your sidebar for That would be great.
    Waiting for a quick response from you 🙂
    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hey, thanks, great site-was trying to download the cross hairs plug from CV, but it will not download, should I contact tech support?-thank you, CZ

    1. Are you a member of Cineversity? If you are and it’s not downloading, might want to contact someone at Maxon or tweet at @maxon3d

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I was watching a tutorial of your on, Mograph Techniques: Animating with C4D Effectors, I will first state I am new to C4d and loving it. I was wondering if you could do this same grid but reveal the text broken up along multiple cubes, like if the word spread as high as the entire grid and each cube held a section?

  4. Hey there, do you have a tutorial on using Text Edge FX with a logo? I purchased it but I cannot seem to be able to drag it to any of my logo designs. That’s why I purchased it. I can double click on the included presets but I don’t want to use them. I’m using R14. Thanks!

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