Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using an Area Light’s Built-In Softbox Option


In this Cinema 4D Quick Tip I’ll uncover a useful feature that turns your Area Light into a softbox shape that shows up in your objects reflections.  I’ll then elaborate and show you some examples of interesting ways to use the Area Lights shape visibility settings to add some nice reflections to your objects.


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3 thoughts on “Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using an Area Light’s Built-In Softbox Option

  1. Hello EJ. Your projects are really creative and amazing! particularly the “Nike Street League Skateboarding 2014 Reel” – that’s almost unimaginable, very creative. I really wish you could make a tutorial on creating such stunning animations from start to finish. That would be a nice course for I went there and searched the whole site hoping to find such tutorial from you, but I saw some other tutorials instead, though still good. But please create tutorials on such stunning animations as the Nike Skateboard reel, especially the intro animation of the LOGO, really intense animations. I look up to your prompt and favorable response.

    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for that amazing compliment, really appreciate it!

      I am planning on doing a lot more Lynda courses. If you haven’t yet, check out my sports bumper course that dives into creating something similar as far as a larger scope project. Look for more courses soon!

  2. Hi EJ,
    Thanks for all the good stuff and tutorials you make for the community you’ve been so’s because of people like you life is alot easier.
    I have to say that i use the plane object as a reflection object rather than using an area light because i have more control over wich object should catch the reflection using a combositing tag and also i can use a material to control the look of the softbox.

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