Cinema 4D Quick Tip Vines #01-03

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I’ve been posting a lot of quick tips up on VineFacebook lately and discovered you can actually embed Vines on webpages as well, so here are a few of the Cinema 4D quick tip Vines I made.  It’s rapid fire edits, so if you need to pause the Vine at a spot to get a better look at what I’m doing, just click on the video once to pause it then click the video again to allow it to play.

Let me know if you enjoy this format and if you find it useful!  Maybe I’ll make it a bi-weekly post?  Read on to watch the Vines!

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Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Creatively Using Dynamics for 2D Style Animation


In this Cinema 4D quick tip I’ll go over how you can utilize Cinema 4D’s Dynamics & Cineware creatively to spice up your 2D animations by applying real world physics to them.  To get real world physics to be applied to your 2D animations, you either need to painstakingly keyframe it by hand or buy an expensive plug-in for After Effects, not to mention taking the time to learn it!  But for those of us that have Cinema 4D, you can use it as a “plug-in” and apply dynamics to your 2D style objects in Cinema 4D and easily bring them into After Effects via Cineware.  Check out the link below to see a free excerpt from my course on Mixing 2D and 3D with After Effects and CINEMA 4D.

Watch Tutorial

You can also view the rest of my Cinema 4D courses on here.

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Using the Spline Shader to Create Text as a Material in Cinema 4D

Spline Shader

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to totally bypass Photoshop and create 2D text materials and apply to 3D objects as textures by using Cinema 4D’s Spline Shader.  Using the Spline Shader you can use text as simply as a 2D resolution independent material, or get creative and use is in the bump or displacement channels of a material to get some embossed or stamped metal looks. The Spline Shader also isn’t limited to just text, you can use any spline shape to create a texture!


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