MAXON NAB 2013 Rewind


NAB keeps getting better and better every year!  It was amazing to hang out with all of the people that make the tools that make our jobs pretty awesome along with having the honor of presenting with talented artists for MAXON again this year!  If you haven’t seen the presentations yet, all of the Cinema 4D NAB 2013 sessions are now up on Cineversity here:

MAXON NAB Rewind 2013

This years speakers included an all star line up of talented folks in the mograph biz including:

Nick Campbell, Colin Sebestyen, Barton Damer, Kevin Aguirre, Donovan Keith, Brian McCauley, Mike Szabo, Rob Hranitzky, John Lapore, and myself.

In my presentation, I demo a few different ways you can achieve amazing results using the very underused Inheritance Effector.  A Twitter followed called it an “Inheritance Effector workout”!  Well put, I’d say!


One thought on “MAXON NAB 2013 Rewind

  1. Thanks for sharing your technics with us! Realy nice and you’re soo creative.
    Can you please make a new short tutorial for your “Text Edge FX 1.4” for dummies? Start at zero please… :))

    Cheers Alex

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