Cinema 4D Quick Tip 04: Create a 2D Transparency Fade Effect on 3D Objects

When changing objects transparency using a Display Tag or using an effector, you’ll most likely run into the undesirable effect of the seeing unwanted parts of the 3D geometry being revealed when that transparency is adjusted.  Most of the time, the only way you’d think to get around this would be by rendering everything out and compositing and adjusting opacity in After Effects.  In this Quick Tip, I show you how you can avoid that and make your 3D geometry fade like it was a 2D object without revealing the unwanted parts of the object geometry.

See my previous quick tip on using effectors to fade on Motext referenced in this quick tip.



Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Vol. 2

As a big “thank you” to you, the motion graphics community, I’ve updated my holiday ornament pack, now with even more goodness!  Volume 2 expands upon the very successful volume 1 pack released two years ago.

New in Volume 2:
• improved textures
• more than double the textures (over 50 now!)
• 3 new ornament types

Volume 2 Includes:
• a nicely lit scene file with four base ornament bulb models ready for texturing
• all the textures from volume 1, plus the new volume 2 textures all within the .lib4d

Download Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Volume 2

To install, just place the .lib4d file into your “browser” folder, restart C4D and it should show up in your Content Browser.  You can mix and match colors and textures to produce hundreds of combinations of ornaments types!  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 6.26.41 PM

Make sure to check out my free holiday model pack for Cinema 4D from a couple years ago below.  It has presents, ribbon bows, and Christmas lights!

Download Cinema 4D Holiday Model Pack

Holiday Pack Ornaments

Disclaimer:  There were a couple of these textures where Biomekk’s EnhanceC4D was used.   You’ll need to buy EnhanceC4D from for a few of these textures to work.

Thanks to @ridvanmaloku from for allowing me to use his tree model.  He did an awesome tutorial on how he made his Christmas tree using Cinema 4D’s Hair module.  Check it out here:  Tree Tutorial

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