Free Cinema 4D Model: Caduceus

Just finished modeling this caduceus model for a medical animation I’m working on and releasing it for free as a “thank you” to this awesome motion graphics community I’m proud to be a part of.

Gold texture and HDRI/environment map is included. ย This file is compatible with R12 & above and I also included an FBX, .3DS and an .OBJ file for those with R11 and below or any other 3D software.ย  And an added bonus, a C4D and OBJ format that is After Effects and Element ready, so you can use this inside of After Effects and with VideoCopilots’ “Element” plugin!

Download Caduceus Model Here


11 thoughts on “Free Cinema 4D Model: Caduceus

  1. Wonderful!
    It’s perfect for a project I’m working on.
    Do I have your permission to use it commercially?

  2. It’s a great model with nice textures EJ and huge thanks for sharing it. By no means you should take what follows as a critique of your work ๐Ÿ™‚
    Quoting from Wikipedia (
    The caduceus is sometimes mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine and/or medical practice, especially in North America, because of historical and widespread confusion with the traditional medical symbol, the rod of Asclepius, which has only a single snake and no wings.

  3. You rock! I’m such a noob at c4d I have to rely on you awesome people to help us 2D after effects guys add 3D into our work. Slowly learning ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  4. Hey! The link is broken! Can you PLEASE fix it? Its a model I’ve wanted for months! Thank you in advance!

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