Controlling Light Object Intensity with Effectors in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I’ll explain a very simple way that you can effect Light Objects intensity in Cinema 4D with an effector and how to get a “turn on/turn off” look as well as a gradual light fade on/fade off type of example.   I’ll go over another use for this method to create a noise meter animation where meter bars light up and glow, all controlled with an effector.  And to finish it off, I’ll throw a little Cappucino & Mograph Effector action to animate the noise meter to look like it’s reacting to crowd noise and sync it with a shaking camera as the intensity builds as the “crowd” gets louder!

If you haven’t learned about the many awesome uses of Cappucino, check out my Cappucino 101 tutorial here.




7 thoughts on “Controlling Light Object Intensity with Effectors in Cinema 4D

  1. Dude. That cappuccino tip is crucial! Thanks a lot for this tut and the NAB one.
    You do great work.

  2. Hi how do you get that texturing in there? the honey comb….i’ve seen it on sports centres et all ……

  3. Great tutorial, would love to see one of the modelling and texturing of the light object (although I could tell how you made it by the object manager) but especially that render. Loved how the glass refracts the light and the light fade looked really good too. Good job!

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