Spinning Objects Along One Axis Using Dynamics in Cinema 4D

In a response to a question I was asked on Vimeo about how to spin objects on a single axis using dynamics, I go over a couple ways you can achieve this effect so the dynamics rotation looks realistic and can interact with real world physics and gravity.  First, I’ll show you how to get a cube to spin on it’s edge and then show how to slow it down to a stop and topple over.  Then I’ll demonstrate how you can get your logo or text have a cool, dramatic, and energetic spin reveal using dynamics on a logo made with Text Edge FX.

Check out Text Edge FX here.

Example Render:

Controlling Light Object Intensity with Effectors in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I’ll explain a very simple way that you can effect Light Objects intensity in Cinema 4D with an effector and how to get a “turn on/turn off” look as well as a gradual light fade on/fade off type of example.   I’ll go over another use for this method to create a noise meter animation where meter bars light up and glow, all controlled with an effector.  And to finish it off, I’ll throw a little Cappucino & Mograph Effector action to animate the noise meter to look like it’s reacting to crowd noise and sync it with a shaking camera as the intensity builds as the “crowd” gets louder!

If you haven’t learned about the many awesome uses of Cappucino, check out my Cappucino 101 tutorial here.



MAXON NAB 2012 Rewind

NAB week was so much fun getting the opportunity to hang out with all the cool kids who work at MAXON and all of the amazingly talented speakers!  If you haven’t seen them yet, all of the Cinema 4D NAB 2012 Presentations are now posted on Cineversity here:

MAXON NAB Rewind 2012

This years speakers included an amazing line up of talented folks including:

Nick Campbell, Colin Sebestyen, Casey Hupkey, Dave Glanz, Barton Damer, Claudio Jeno, Rob Garrott, Royale, Chris Smith of CSTools fame, and myself.

Everyone was rocking it hard and there is plenty of knowledge to be soaked up from these presentations!  I know I learned a ton that has already helped me in the very first week I got back to work, so be sure to check everyones amazing presentations!

Update:  My presentation was uploaded to Vimeo, you can check it out below!