Darkened Text Edge Effects In Cinema 4D

I’m back with another Cinema 4D text tutorial, this time I’ll teach you how to add darkened/gradated edges to your font to get a glowing effect with the Proximal Shader.  By using the Proximal Shader, you can reference the text polygons points and vertices to drive the gradient that is applied to the texts edge.  Then I’ll show you how to use it in conjunction with global illumination to make it look like your glowing text is casting light in your scene.

UPDATE:  Realized the way I positioned the Material viewer, the very bottom got chopped off, but the setting that is chopped off that you can’t see is the Intensity setting.  Doh!  Apologies!



14 thoughts on “Darkened Text Edge Effects In Cinema 4D

    1. Ahhh crap I see what you mean. You’re right! The way I positioned my Material viewer window it was cut off at the bottom. I’m an idiot. Still learning the whole tutorial thing, sorry about that! Won’t make that mistake again!

  1. Ok, I’ve tried to recreate the material that you have on the floor, is it just the material that makes it look that way or is there a depth of field added to the camera? I love the bumpy blur look, Thanks for any feedback.

    1. Haha actually the reflection isn’t bumpy , it’s just a low resolution GI and low sampled blur on the floor with the GI illumination value jacked up on the text cap material

  2. Hi there,

    Great tut, love the result, cheers for that.
    I was wondering what you did with the lights and the first 2 materials?
    Can you give the settings of those objects?
    That will make the scene complete.

    Cheers in advance


  3. I’ve been messing around trying to figure this out ever since I saw the Paranormal trailer last summer.
    Thanks for explaining.

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