Using the Cinema 4D Inheritance Effector Part 03: Make Particles Swarm Along Splines w/ Mograph

The Inheritance Effector is probably one of the most underrated and underutilized effectors in the effector menu.  In part three of my Inheritance Effector tutorial, I show you how you can fake particle or object movement that follows or swarms along a spline path that would normally only be able to be achieved with an Emitter or Thinking Particles and Xpresso.  Using a combination of the Inheritance & Spline Effectors along with other Mograph Effectors, you can achieve close to the same effect as the Emitter or Thinking Particles as a simpler alternative in your normal workflow without having to touch Xpresso.  Specifically, this tutorial demonstrates the powerful combination of using the Spline Effector with the Inheritance Effector to achieve a “swarming” effect.  As in Part 2 of this series, you can also add a Dynamic Tag to the Cloner Object to make sure your clones don’t intersect one another with this technique.

Inheritance Effector Tutorial: Part 1

Inheritance Effector Tutorial: Part 2


Here is a sample video where I utilized this technique to make a swarm of butterflies each land onto their own individual flowers:


7 thoughts on “Using the Cinema 4D Inheritance Effector Part 03: Make Particles Swarm Along Splines w/ Mograph

  1. Hi.

    I really like this one because it opens up many possibilities. I’ll spend some time tomorrow experimenting…
    Thanks EJ

  2. This one is a neat trick, EJ
    In fact, your Inheritance Effector series is becoming a must!
    Thanks a lot, it’s truly useful
    Keep the good work

  3. Great series! Thanks for the time and effort. Currently trying to combine your ‘Particles Swarm’ tutorial with Chris’ (from GreyscaleGorilla) tut on using Sprites to fake volumetric smoke. So I cn get the ‘smoke’ to follow a curvy path and have the smoke turn eventually into a title. So far, the spline effector is just bunching up the smoke particles but it’s early days.

    Again, thanks for your efforts and sharing, it makes C4D so much more fun.

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