C4D Quicktip: Soloing Objects with Specific Tags

While working on recent project, my buddy had an issue with way too many objects with way too many compositing tags. He wanted to figure out a way to be able to solo all the objects with compositing tags on them. We all got to the point where we could go to the Filter Window and select all the compositing tags, but not the objects the compositing tags were applied to.

Click this button to access Filter window
Click this button to access Filter window

Thanks to some help from Alan Demafiles (@demafleez), he came up with this solution:

Make sure you select one of the compositing tags in the Object Manager first before you go to the Filter window and Right-Click “Select All Compositing”.  From that point, it’s as simple as hitting the Up Arrow which takes you from the Tag level in the Attributes window to the Object level Attributes window.  From there you create a Layer, drag and drop that layer to the Object layer property, then go to the Layer window and hit the circle on the far left, which is the solo function.  Viola!

Simple solution to a complex issue!

You can check out Alan’s site at demafleez.com/


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